5 Reasons Why You Should Register with a Staffing Firm

On the hunt for your next experience, you’re bound to get contacted by a recruiter. Some may feel hesitant to sign up with a staffing firm because they may see it as a hassle that isn’t worth their time. The reality is that it is always worth your time, and here’s why:

1. Zero Cost

Contrary to what you might think, signing on with a staffing agency as a candidate doesn’t cost you a dime. We get paid when you get paid; that’s why it’s in our best interest to help you find a job! All we need is your time, so we can assess your skillsets, experience, and soft-skills in order to match you with your next dream job.

2. We Market You

If you have the skills, experience, and professional attitude to do the job, we will be your biggest supporter. That’s why it’s important to show a recruiter your best self in an interview. They may not be able to offer you a job right away, but leaving anyone with a good impression is a sure way to get yourself noticed. Whenever an ideal opportunity arises, that good impression will make you our first call.

3. You Can Learn From Us

We staff for a variety of industries for both government and private sector clients. Whether you’re looking for an opportunity in the Legal field, Accounting, Engineering, IT, or HR, our team can connect you with industry-leading clients on the hunt for talent like you. We know what the latest marketable skills, certifications, education, and security clearances are in the workforce today. Even if you’re not qualified to get your desired role right away, our Talent Acquisition Specialists and Business Development Account Managers can find you your next step on the road to success.

4. We Have the Network You Need

Whether you’re just starting out in your field, new to town, or an industry pro, the search for your next job can be difficult. Cultivating a network can be hard without a leg to stand on, and that’s why we’re here to guide you! We can be your gateway to those exciting opportunities and fruitful connections through our network of clients in need.

5. We Offer Exciting and Challenging Opportunities

Some people say the best kind of job is a permanent one. That can be true in some cases, but permanent positions can be hard to get as industries evolve and skill demands change. Through a recruitment agency, you can take on contract and temporary work that will give you the foundation you need to get you that dream job. Contractors and temporary workers are in high demand in both public and private sector because clients know they have the adaptability, transferable skills, and entrepreneurial mindset to do what their permanent staff can’t. You can become a leading professional in your industry through the skills you develop as a contractor and temporary worker.

Register as a Candidate

With nearly 30 years in recruitment services, we at TAG HR owe our success to the dedication we show to clients and candidates. We know that a candidate we work with today could be a client tomorrow. Find out how we can start you on your professional journey today by registering as a candidate. Not sure we’ll have the options you’re looking for? Check out our Job Search Portal to see what we’re staffing for!

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