Contractors and Temps are Great for Public Sector, Here’s Why

As with any public sector move, the decision to procure a resource is not a decision to be taken lightly. Your department may not have the budget for a permanent position. That’s why many private and public sector companies are turning to contract and temporary staff to meet their needs on the road to progress. Here’s a few reasons why contract and temporary staff are a perfect fit for the public sector:

Versatile Skillsets

Due to their experience in various work environments, contractor and temporary staff have highly versatile skillsets. They’ve picked up extra skills and bits of knowledge that another permanent staff member potentially couldn’t. A contractor can provide you with the insight into different tools, methods, and strategies that your staff might not have had access to.


Part of their strength is the ability to adapt to any workplace environment. They know how to manage their time and how to fit their role into your department’s pre-existing ecosystem. Usually, they can even improve your daily business functions and requirements.

Outside Perspective

Through their background in different settings, contractors and temporary staff have picked up the most effective methodologies and techniques from their previous assignments. Often times, they can come up with a solution to a problem that a permanent staff member might not have seen. They can improve and help stabilize your current workforce with their fresh perspective on any kind of problem or project.

Budget Certainty

The benefit of contract and temporary work is that you know exactly how long you’re getting a resource and how much it will cost. There’s no uncertainty when all parties involved understand their role. Sometimes, contract or temporary resources can cut a project’s estimated timespan in half – which means you could even save money.


In some cases, unforeseen issues can come up and cause a project to take longer. If you find your resource to be a reliable fit, they have the flexibility to stay on as long as you need them. Say a resource does the job well, but doesn’t quite fit in with your department’s atmosphere, you can also make the call to shorten their contract.

Connect with TAG HR

We at TAG HR can provide you with a flexible workforce that have the qualifications, adaptability, and professional attitude right when you need them. Our team understands the value of customer service when it comes to being an invaluable staffing partner. No matter the scope or size of a project, we have access to the perfect resource for the job. We currently have Standing Offers (SO) and Supply Arrangements (SA) in place for many streams under TBIPS, TSPS, THS, and ProServices. Reach out to our team today to find out how we can provide you with the right candidate for your next project.

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