Why Partner with TAG HR?

At TAG HR, we understand the importance of relationships. We know that our commitment to communication, customer service, and excellence is what keeps clients coming back for more. We personally work to nurture those relationships. Every client’s needs are different, and the same can be said for candidates. In order to make sure they’re offering a company the right fit, our Business and Sales Development Specialists make sure they’re representing a candidate’s talent to the fullest.

Through our in-house comprehensive learning program and keeping up-to-date on industry-leading skills, they have the tools and knowledge to offer clients the people they need with them on the road to success. Even if a client isn’t looking, they make sure to keep an eye open for top talent that can enhance their business. Often times, they find talented individuals or even just someone who would be a great fit and send their resume off to a client.

On the other hand, if a client has a particularly difficult project, our specialists will work with them to ensure they have a complete understanding of what is necessary to achieve their expectations. In some cases, clients will come to them thinking they need a big budget or an army of people, but through meetings and continuous feedback, they find out that it’s simpler than they think. No matter the budget, the size of the project, the scope of your work – they can find you who you need for the right cost.

Our Business and Sales Development and Talent Acquisition Specialists work together to find people with the essential abilities to best support not only a business, but a bright future for the workforce in Canada. We value our capable and gifted team at TAG HR which has allowed us to build the notable roster of candidates we have today through their skill and dedication. Whether you need a candidate immediately or are on the lookout for your next great permanent addition, our roster is full of people looking to work right away.

We have time and time again successfully placed accomplished professionals in Legal, Finance/Accounting, Engineering, IT, and Construction/Real Estate roles. Discover how we can help you find your missing piece today. Don’t have a clear idea of what you’re looking for? Submit a job requirement through our site!

Connect with our Business and Sales Development Specialists team today!

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