Why Align with TAG HR


There’s no substitute for experience. With over 30 years of recruiting and consulting under our belt, TAG HR is Canada’s preferred recruitment specialist. Private and public sector clients nationwide turn to our talented and passionate team time and time again because of their continued successful placements and quality consultations.

Each of our staff members has the industry expertise and dedication to deliver you the best results. We have the industry experience to know what your company needs at any stage or phase of your life cycle. Whether you’re in need of a permanent change or a temporary solution, our staff can provide you with the tools you need for success.

Through our in-house comprehensive learning and development program, we ensure all team members are fully trained in employment labour codes as well as procurement procedures, rules, and policies. Our personnel stay up-to-date on the latest staffing industry trends, processes, and methodologies through training and attending conferences internationally. We at TAG HR take every chance we can to learn new ways to exceed expectations, discover exceptional solutions, and surpass industry benchmarks.

Permanent Recruitment

Finding someone to fill a permanent position can become a full-time job on its own. By partnering with TAG HR, you can give your growing business the attention it deserves while our talented staff does the work for you. Our Business Development Account Managers will take the time to understand your needs and evaluate them alongside industry trends to find you a candidate that best aligns with your objectives. They deliver customized and strategic staffing solutions for any client’s needs. They will save you time and provide you with access to the most precious commodity of all: qualified, accomplished, and talented candidates that exceed your expectations.

Contact our Business Development Account Managers and discover how we can get you your next remarkable team member today.

Contract Recruitment

We at TAG HR can provide you with a flexible workforce that has the skills, adaptability, and attitude exactly when you need them.

Whether you require specialized expertise, someone to complete a project, or meet a sudden increase in organizational demands, contract and temporary staff can be the right ingredient for your growing team.

We work to build and nurture strong, integral networks across industries in order to find the best talent to suit the needs of our partners in both the private and public sectors.

Contact our Talent Management Specialists or our Business Development Account Managers and discover how we can get you your next team member today.

Why Hire Someone on a Temporary Basis?

  • Contract and temporary staff have extensive experience and a high level of market responsiveness;
  • They can provide increased productivity starting day one;
  • With high-quality transferable skills, contractors and temps bring an entrepreneurial mindset and a wide breadth of experience;
  • They offer an outside perspective at your disposal to review current practices and projects on an as-needed basis;
  • Hiring a contractor temporarily provides budget certainty; you know the costs and time frame from the outset; an you have the flexibility to extend or reduce contracts if circumstances change.

We have a vested interest in all of our clients’ organizations and we will work to find the person with the right skills, education, and professional experience to synergize with their team. Our goal is to be your long-term staffing partner throughout your business’ life cycle.

Contact our Talent Management Specialists or our Business Development Account Managers to learn how we can help you hire newest team member today.

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